Node Summit 2012

Node Summit 2012 was a two-day conference at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco – January 24-25, 2012.


Subbu Allamaraju


Chris Allen

Brass Monkey

Dion Almaer

Mobile Architecture, Walmart

Sachin Anand


Jonathon Anthony


Brian Beckman


Eric Braun

Global Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships, Joyent

Bryan Cantrill


Luc Castera


Bryant Chou


Derek Collison

Ryan Dahl


Xavier Damman


Ruben Daniels


Jason Delker


Paul Doyle

Fabric Engine

Rafi Dudekula


Brendan Eich

Kelsey Falter

Jeff Ferber


Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz


Mícheál Ó Foghlú

Red Hat

Olivier Francois

Cloud Mobile Games

Ben Galbraith

Jonathan Gay

Freestone Ranch

Travis Glines


Ilya Grigorik


Krishna Guda

syntacticE Software

Stephen Guerin


Eric Gundersen


Scott Guthrie


Brett Hellman

Stephen Herrod


Sean Hess


Jeff Hinck

Icon Venture Partners

Jason Hoffman


Jeff Huang

Jonas Huckestein


Tom Hughes-Croucher

Jetpacks for Dinosaurs

John Hurliman

Cull TV

Nuno Job

Stephen Rivas Jr

Host Kit

Baz Khuti

Emerson Network Power/Avocent Products and Services

Nathan Lands


Mark Lewis

EMC Ventures, EMC

Hunter Loftis


Glen Lougheed

NodeFly Systems

Benjamin Lowenstein


Chito Manansala

Mark Mayo


Brian McKelvey

John McKinley

News Corporation

Erik Meijer

Applied Duality

Cade Metz, Conde Nast

Tim Milliron


Ray Morgan


Vish Nandlall

Ericsson North America

Jolie O’Dell


Stephen O’Grady


Todd Papaioannou

Battery Ventures

Steve Pawlowski


Kiran Prasad


Jason Pressman

Shasta Ventures

Paul Querna


Gianugo Rabellino

Open Source Communities, Microsoft

Matt Ranney


Naval Ravikant


Gregory Ray


Sascha Reuter


Charlie Robbins


Luis Robles

Sequoia Capital

Mikeal Rogers

Node.js Foundation

Christian Sanz


Max Schireson


Theo Schlossnagle


Darshan Shankar


John Sheehan

Hernan Silberman


S Sriram


Chris Stone

EPIC Ventures

Andrew Sutherland


Oren Teich


Steve Tuck

Joyent Cloud

Jayshree Ullal

Arista Networks

James Urquhart


James Watters

Cloud Foundry, VMware

Chris Williams


Rich Wong

Accel Partners

Adam Zeck

Grow the Game Golf


Day 1 - Tuesday, January 24

7:30 AM


8:30 AM

Setting the Stage for Node Summit

Jason Hoffman, Head of Digital Strategy, Ericsson

8:40 AM

The Importance of Cross Platform

How a multi-company effort enabled the abstraction of Node.js across platforms, and why this is key for the future of Node.

Ryan Dahl, Node.js Creator, Node.js
Paul Querna, Architect, Rackspace
Gianugo Rabellino, Sr. Director, Open Source Communities, Microsoft
Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst and Co-Founder, RedMonk

9:10 AM

Platform as a Service

Hear from some of the leading and emerging PaaS providers about their views on the importance of Node now and in the future, and their efforts to support Node.js.

Derek Collison, CTO, Chief Architect, Cloud Application Platforms
Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP, Microsoft
Charlie Robbins, Founder CEO, Nodejitsu
Oren Teich, COO, Heroku
James Urquhart, VP of Product Development, enStratus

10:00 AM

BREAK (Sponsored Workshops – Located on Level 2)

10:05 AM

Joyent Sponsor Workshop - The Business Justification for Commercial Production with Node

Hear from three innovative companies about how they approached building commercial applications in Node from a business perspective. An advertising agency, a real-time web app developer, and a solutions provider will discuss the business decision points they used to select Node.

Glen Lougheed, CEO, NodeFly Systems
Jevon MacDonald, Co-Founder and CEO, GoInstant
Colin Rand, Associate Director of Technology, AKQA
John Rymer, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester
Location: Room 1

10:05 AM

Cloud Foundry Sponsor Workshop - Building an Activity Stream Engine on Cloud Foundry with Node.js

This hands-on lab will serve as an intro to Node.js development on Cloud Foundry. The session will cover the basics of the Activity Stream API and will demonstrate step-by-step, how to publish and syndicate activities in real time using Node.js and Redis.

Monica Wilkinson, Developer Relations, Cloud Foundry
Location: Room 2

10:40 AM

The Internet of Things

The Internet of things has become a reality. We ship more compute and storage capacity per year in “devices” than traditional PCs, and it feels like we have to get offline on purpose rather than online. This marks a sea change for the types of applications that need to be developed and the types of platforms that can emerge.

Steve Pawlowski, Senior Fellow and CTO, Intel

11:00 AM

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Increasing demands on data centers to integrate IT and Facilities data, and a desire to track everything that goes on in real-time, 24/7 has led to a significant change in how companies think about and implement DCIM. Hear the latest thinking on the topic and learn how Node.js is playing an important role in the next wave of DCIM.

Baz Khuti, CTO and VP Engineering, Emerson Network Power/Avocent Products and Services

11:15 AM

Machine to Machine

Leveraging Node.js to deliver on the promise of real-time machine to machine communications.

Chris Allen, CEO, Brass Monkey
Baz Khuti, CTO and VP Engineering, Emerson Network Power/Avocent Products and Services
John McKinley, CTO, News Corporation
Eric Braun, VP, Global Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships, Joyent

11:45 AM

Walmart: Save Money, Use Node.js

James Watters talks with Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith about Walmart’s mobile strategy and how they are leveraging Node.js at the largest retailer in the world.

Dion Almaer, VP, Mobile Architecture, Walmart
Ben Galbraith, VP Mobile Engineering,
James Watters, Group Manager Ecosystem Development, Cloud Foundry, VMware

12:05 PM

Enterprises and the Cloud

The cloud is changing everything about corporate IT: where they run things, how they write applications, and how those applications are delivered to users. This talk will discuss VMware’s view of this new world, how it will challenge IT, and some of the opportunities for the Node community.

Stephen Herrod, CTO and SVP of R&D, VMware

12:30 PM

LUNCH (Sponsored Workshops – Located on Level 2)

12:45 PM

Heroku Sponsor Workshop - Node in the Cloud

Heroku is a polyglot platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for building, deploying, and running cloud apps using Node.js, Ruby, Clojure, Java, Python, and Scala. Deployment is as simple as doing a “git push”. This session will show you how to instantly deploy and scale Node.js apps on Heroku.

David Dollar, Developer Experience, Heroku
Location: Room 1

12:45 PM

Nodejitsu Sponsor Workshop - Enterprise Node.js

Every production software solution has unique challenges and dials that tune performance. Node.js is no different. Come hear lessons learned about server dependencies, logging, monitoring, simple deployments and more from 18-months of production node.js across thousands of machines at Nodejitsu.

Charlie Robbins, Founder CEO, Nodejitsu
Location: Room 2

1:30 PM

Large Scale Web

Hear from the “Big Boys” about the challenges of operating at web scale and how to leverage Node.js to keep up with the ever increasing demand for always on, real-time connectivity.

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, VP, Platform Architect, Yahoo!
Ilya Grigorik, Instigator, Google
Sean Hess, CTO, i.TV
Mark Mayo, Principal Engineer, Mozilla
Cade Metz, Editor,, Conde Nast

2:15 PM

Node.js and Windows Azure

Microsoft was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of Node.js and has committed significant resources towards its ongoing development within the open source community. Hear why Microsoft is focused on Node.js and see what Windows Azure and Node.js together can provide for developers who want a compelling PaaS solution.

Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP, Microsoft

2:40 PM

APIs & Endpoints at Scale

Hear about the challenges faced by some of the world’s most transactionally busy systems in keeping up with massive scaling requirements while meeting demand for ever faster response times, and hear how Node.js can help overcome some of the key roadblocks ahead.

Subbu Allamaraju, Architect, eBay
Chito Manansala, Senior Principal Architect Mobile Enterprise
Tim Milliron, Director of Engineering, Twilio
Theo Schlossnagle, CEO and Founder, Circonus

3:10 PM

BREAK (Sponsored Workshops – Located on Level 2)

3:15 PM

Microsoft Sponsor Workshop - Windows Azure + Node.js: Why and How

Learn why Windows Azure is a great cloud for running Node.js applications. In this talk, we’ll dive into Windows Azure’s support for Node, including command-line deployment and using Windows Azure’s scalable storage from any Node application.

Glenn Block, Senior Program Manager, Windows Azure SDK, Microsoft
Location: Room 1

3:15 PM

eBay Sponsor Workshop - Node.js + Consuming HTTP at Scale

Subbu Allamaraju, Architect, eBay
Location: Room 2

3:50 PM

Instrumenting the Real-Time Web

What it takes to run Node.js in production

Bryan Cantrill, CTO, Joyent

4:10 PM

Everything is a Node: The Rise of M2M and Mobile

Most of us carry around mobile “machines” that generate all sorts of data about us and our environment without any human input. Machine-generated data is in between user- and science-generated data in terms of size and will require an entirely updated approach to infrastructure.

Vish Nandlall, SVP, Strategy and CTO, Ericsson North America

4:30 PM

Mobile (’nuff said)

Enterprise applications have traditionally been used by a few people between the hours of 9 to 5. With the consumerization of IT, and the prevalence of mobile connectivity, many “workers” are accessing applications via a mobile device. This trend is crushing traditional enterprise architectures. The same goes for traditional web architectures. With the rise of mobile-first applications, applications are often becoming connection-bound and architectures are changing to account for this.

Jason Delker, Director Product Development, Sprint
Kiran Prasad, Senior Director of Mobile Engineering, LinkedIn
Matt Ranney, CTO, Voxer
Todd Papaioannou, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Battery Ventures

5:10 PM

The Future of Cloud Networking

Networking is seeing a dramatic change from a cost center to a profit center. New applications, real time latency, cloud computing scale, network wide virtualization and the rise of storage are changing the future of data centers. Jayshree Ullal will discuss some of the trends and technologies that are causing this revival.

Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO, Arista Networks

5:25 PM

Closing Remarks

Jason Hoffman, Head of Digital Strategy, Ericsson

5:30 PM


Take some time to network (or geek out) with fellow Node Summit attendees, speakers and random people who sneak in and grab free food and drinks.

Day 2 - Tuesday, January 24

7:30 AM


NodeJam Demo Hall Open – Get a first look at the NodeJam Startups and hear the inside scoop before they take the stage.

8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

Jason Hoffman, Head of Digital Strategy, Ericsson

8:40 AM

NodeJam Part One

The first eleven NodeJam participants take the stage. Each company will have five minutes to pitch their business and talk about the importance of Node.js as a part of their offering.
Stephen Guerin, Founder, SimTable
Paul Doyle, CEO and Co-Founder, Fabric Engine
Jonathon Anthony, Script Writer, Omegawd
Krishna Guda, CEO, syntacticE Software
Chris Williams, VP of Product Development, SaferAging
Jeff Ferber, Founder, ProxV
Brett Hellman, CEO,
Nuno Job, CEO,
Rafi Dudekula, CTO, AgileSense
Eric Gundersen, CEO, MapBox
Darshan Shankar, Founder and CEO, Flotype
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

9:45 AM

The Evolution of Javascript

Hear about the evolution of Javascript from a panel of experts who have taken it from an idea to where it stands today, and learn what is on the horizon for the little scripting language that became one of the most popular programming languages in the world.
Brian Beckman, Principle Software Architect, Microsoft
Ryan Dahl, Software Engineer (and Creator of Node.js), Joyent
Brendan Eich, JavaScript Creator
Jonathan Gay, Founder, Freestone Ranch

10:25 AM

BREAK (Sponsored Workshops – Located on Level 2)

10:30 AM

Nodejitsu Sponsor Workshop - Getting Started with Nodejitsu

Come get started with the Nodejitsu toolchain. Deploy an application using jitsu and get familiar with our best-in-breed node.js Platform. For partners learn about the upcoming Addon program and how you can get involved in the private alpha.
Paolo Fragomeni, CTO, Nodejitsu
Location: Room 1

10:30 AM

dotCloud Sponsor Workshop - Hello *Real* World: Building Hybrid Applications with Node.js

Real applications are big and messy, but your deployments shouldn’t be. Take Node beyond “Hello, World” chat apps — explore how to integrate Node with existing applications and build new multi-component applications from the ground up.
Gabriel Grant, Web Lead, DotCloud
Location: Room 2

11:05 AM

PaaS Services and Tools

This panel will feature some of the leading providers of services and tools for companies developing and deploying in the cloud. The panel will talk about the use of Node.js within their offerings as well as the trends in use across their customer bases, and will highlight the efforts being made to provide additional support for Node.
Ruben Daniels, CEO and Co-Founder, Cloud9
Max Schireson, President, 10gen/MongoDB
John Sheehan, Developer Experience, Product Manager
Jolie O'Dell, Reporter, VentureBeat

11:35 AM

NodeJam Part Two

Six more NodeJam companies take the stage for five minutes of fame (or flames). Hear what these startups are working on, how they are changing markets, and how Node.js is helping to make it all possible.
Sascha Reuter, Co-Founder and CTO, Doctape
Jeff Huang, Co-Founder,
Luc Castera, Lead Developer, GroupDock
Nathan Lands, CEO & Co-founder, Gamify
Glen Lougheed, CEO, NodeFly Systems
Gregory Ray, COO, FeZo
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

12:10 PM

NodeJam – Judges Panel

Venture Investors and Technology Experts discuss the morning NodeJam companies.
Jeff Hinck, General Partner, Icon Venture Partners
Tom Hughes-Croucher, Principal, Jetpacks for Dinosaurs
Mark Lewis, President & CSO, EMC Ventures, EMC
Luis Robles, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

12:30 PM


Grab your lunch and head to the NodeJam Demo Hall to meet with the NodeJam startups that interest you.

1:30 PM

Playing for Real – Gaming with Node.js

Hear leading edge gaming companies discuss how Node.js, as a real-time technology has become central to their game app, platform and engine development strategies.
Chris Allen, CEO, Brass Monkey
Olivier Francois, CEO, Cloud Mobile Games
Hernan Silberman, Software Developer, ngmoco:)
Steve Tuck, General Manager, Joyent Cloud

2:00 PM

NodeJam Part Three

Ready for more? Twelve more NodeJam companies take the main stage to present. Make sure you are submitting your votes as things move along, only a handful of NodeJam presenters are left after this group.
Christian Sanz, Co-Founder and CTO, Geeklist
Kelsey Falter, Founder,
Bryant Chou, CTO, Vungle
Adam Zeck, COO, Grow the Game Golf
John Hurliman, CTO, Cull TV
Mícheál Ó Foghlú, CTO Red Hat Mobile, Red Hat
Benjamin Lowenstein, Founder, Colingo
Stephen Rivas Jr, Project Manager, Host Kit
Sachin Anand, Founder, WebMobi
S Sriram, Founder, BroswerEggs
Andrew Sutherland, Founder, Quizlet
Travis Glines, Co-Founder & CEO, Shopaboo
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

3:05 PM


Last chance to meet with the NodeJam companies in the Demo Hall before final voting on the NodeJam winners.

3:45 PM

NodeJam Part 4 (The Final Chapter)

The last five NodeJam presenters take to the stage. If these companies don’t inspire the entrepreneur in you….. well, don’t worry, they will.
Brian McKelvey, Co-Founder and CEO
Jonas Huckestein, Co-Founder and CTO, Ark
Xavier Damman, Co-Founder and CEO, Storify
Ray Morgan, Co-Founder, Rumgr
Hunter Loftis, Node.js Platform Owner, Heroku
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

4:15 PM

NodeJam – Judges Panel

Venture Investors and Technology Experts Discuss the afternoon NodeJam Companies.
Jason Pressman, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures
Chris Stone, Managing Director, EPIC Ventures
Rich Wong, Partner, Accel Partners
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

4:35 PM

Where Node.js goes from here

Ryan Dahl discusses what’s next for Node.js with Mikeal Rogers.
Ryan Dahl, Node.js Creator, Node.js
Mikeal Rogers, Community Manager, Node.js Foundation

4:50 PM

NodeJam Winners

Judge and Attendee scores will be tallied and we’ll announce the winners of the inaugural NodeJam event. Fireworks, balloons, prizes, term sheets and eternal glory await.
Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Jason Hoffman, Head of Digital Strategy, Ericsson

5:05 PM

NodeJam Demo Hall

The NodeJam Demo Hall will be open after the main conference ends. One last chance to meet with the participating companies and learn more about the winners of NodeJam 2012.

6:00 PM